• Gluten Free Breakfast Bars with Chia Seeds, Oats and Almonds

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    While shopping for a gluten free breakfast bar, there has been more than just one occurrence where  I have had to place it back on the shelf on reviewing  the list of ingredients.  Turns out that some ingredients just make you raise your eye brows, especially when you are equipped with fairly a decent background in biochemistry and (organic/inorganic) chemistry.

    More than at breakfast, the three pm hunger pang is when I wish I had some sort of a snack to rely on to maintain that tummy of mine calm.


     Just like everyone who has food sensitivities, I spend a good share of my time in the grocery aisles, browsing products.  Not to miss the minutes standing in the corner of the aisle and looking up on Google, either one or sometimes more, ingredients before I decide to buy. Its not  much fun, but that’s my new ‘normal’, am now at peace with that.


    With each futile attempt to find one that suited me best, I grew more annoyed of being in such a ‘lonely’ place of food allergies. Till one day, I just decided to make one myself. Nothing very fancy, but with just the ingredients on hand. Like I said, something to calm the roaring tummy exactly when the clock struck fifteen hundred hours.

    To be honest, my first attempt was a major flop and had to toss the entire thing in the trash. Not because of the method, but just because of my excitement to include more ingredients than needed.


    Right there was my lesson, on pairing ingredients well. With the taste of failure, the second time around, I was conservative in my adventure and decided to incorporate flavors that gel well rather than overpower each other.

     This time the yield was better and much appreciated by my taste buds. What I truly liked about this whole breakfast bar thing is that making these by yourself, you are in control of everything – salt, sugar, and all of the  blah blah that goes into the making.

    For now, these bars do their magic ( anything with almond and almond butter must taste heavenly, right?) and I’m a happy camper till my brain and tummy get bored and demand something varied.

    Gluten Free Breakfast Bars – Recipe by Wandering Ladle