Food in Raw


Food photography has been much more interesting that I ever imagined it to be.  The condition, that predominantly, the subject is more or less stationary sort of conceals the underlying fact that there is, in fact, a lot of thoughtful planning  that goes into the conception ( and execution) of the final product – the food photograph .



A visualization of the setting with the inclusion of the props, its relative arrangement, the photography angle, depth of focus (just to list out a few), I have realized and learnt, are things that are very essential for a decent photograph.  Note, I use the word ‘decent’ and not ‘good’.  The reason being I am yet to experience that ‘good’ shot or photograph from the many assignments I create ( and have created) for myself.  I hope to get to the point where I can sort my pictures into a bin titled ‘good’…..someday!



 But for now, I continue to scribble on my scratch paper a figment of  what I anticipate the outcome would look and feel . I constantly struggle with the results – some that are better than my set goal or so I think, while the others  end up getting deleted after that first look.



I have always wondered how many photographs a pro would take to get to that perfect shot.  I don’t know if I would ever get a clue or if even its a fair question to consider asking a pro.  However, there’s one thing I know for sure and that is – I am not even close to what a pro would consider a ‘bad day’ when the outcomes don’t turn out quite the way they would have expected it to.



As an amateur without any professional training in the field of photography, I am on the constant look out of the opportunities that either come my way or rely on myself to create assignments.



A recent photo opportunity that came my way, was when a friend ( who shares my enthusiasm for photography)  asked if I were game to visit a farmer’s market close by us with the focus being -  you guessed it right, photography.  I was thrilled.  Experimenting with food in raw has been on its own constant thought process in my little brain.  So, this was a prospect I could not refuse or resist.



It was key that I do my homework.  I listed out the things and angles I could capture all the produce and produce related things. I also made a few additional mental notes, the day of, since the props, the settings, the positioning of the subject would all be available without my interference or input in a setting like this.   Truly, this was great, because it allowed me to give my undivided attention to the camera settings to get those decent shots I was hoping to capture.



It was quite a goal for me to be able to capture food in its raw form.  Though I am not sure how an experienced photographer would rate my self -created assignment, I know I have taken a teeny – tiny baby step in the direction and have infinite miles to go before I get to have that little bin of mine titled ‘my- good pictures’.


Someone once told me, its not just the camera, lens and settings but a large percentage of how the photography finally looks also depends a huge deal on post processing.  My skills are very  limited- not by the tool I use, but rather by my restricted familiarity with the myriad processing functions it offers.  This I would say, this time around, worked to my advantage, because I had to constantly remind myself each time to carefully plan the shot in order to create the same picture that registered in my brain.


Overall, the experience was stimulating, interesting and has helped me gain confidence to venture out in the world of capturing food in its raw form.


(This goes to Susan’s Black and White Wednesday – Week # 31 hosted by Siri)

I am hoping my learnings help improve my photography skills and help me have that little bin I have now spoken about thrice already in the post, sooner than I expect!

Until, then, truly trying to stay positive.




  1. by Sonja on May 2, 2012  9:30 pm

    Great Pics and Lovely Articulation

  2. by Little B on May 4, 2012  1:41 pm

    You do not give yourself enough credit - REALLY! Your pictures are beautiful, and very well done....just like a pro, in fact better than some who call themselves a pro.

  3. by wanderingladle on May 4, 2012  3:17 pm

    Thank you, Joy. Truly appreciate your feedback. Thanks, as well, for stopping by my blog.


  4. by Sublime Palate on May 9, 2012  6:13 pm

    Hi Sihi, I have recently discovered your blog and really enjoyed going through the photos and recipes.
    I have recently been awarded the Liebster Blog Award and as per the Rules, I had to pick top 5 blogs. Your blog is one of them. Please visit my blog to collect your award.
    Look forward to hearing from you :)

  5. by wanderingladle on May 10, 2012  4:23 am

    Thank you so much, that is so awesome! Appreciate it.

  6. by Spandana on May 10, 2012  6:55 am

    Very beautiful clicks.. loved all of them! You have a lovely space!

  7. by wanderingladle on May 10, 2012  12:09 pm

    Thank you, Spandana, for stopping by my blog and for the comment.


  8. by junglefrog on May 12, 2012  9:15 pm

    You're really being too modest here Sihi. I really love your photos and you do have a real eye for composition and the right depth of field and lighting in an image. As a so-called professional I can tell you that it varies for me how many shots I need for that one 'perfect' shot (if there is such a thing) I've had situations where I took 3 shots and was done, but there have also been occassions where I wasn't happy even after taking 20 shots from various angles etc. I guess we all have good and bad days no matter what our experience! I love how you set yourself these tasks to get better and really... you're on the right track!

  9. by wanderingladle on May 13, 2012  1:20 pm

    Simone - Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Appreciate your encouragement and feedback. It truly means a lot coming from you. I love your blog and photography. I have been following the Donna Hay Challenge for quite some time, but haven't mustered the courage to attempt one. I am hoping I'll try the next one.

    Thanks so much, again.

  10. by Nisha on June 21, 2012  9:10 pm

    Gosh. So pretty pics, Sihi!!!!!! Take some credit, now.
    I agree with above commenter that you're being way too modest. I love the strawberries in bucket most.

  11. by wanderingladle on June 23, 2012  3:07 am

    Thank you dear Nisha! Appreciate it! The strawberries in the bucket is one of my favorite as well.


  12. by meghan on September 25, 2012  10:36 pm

    OF course I'd LOVE for you to put our button on your website!!!! It will be such a vital resource for everyone when they are looking for gf goodies. THANK YOU!!!!! And thank you always for contributing to the link up. I love your site and learning about your food photography adventures. I'm having adventures of my own as well:). What a wonderful community.

    Thank you again, see you on Friday:)

  13. by wanderingladle on September 26, 2012  2:35 am

    Thank you, Meghan! I am so glad to be a part of the community. Thanks again for including me.


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