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BlackBerry Compote

Our refrigerator is constantly loaded with all sorts of fresh berries. The one, amongst numerous traits, that the daughter (Ina) shares with the Dad (the husband) is the love for berries.  Give them each a bowlful, anytime of the day, and they are both happy campers.

Ina’s just so fond of the visits to the farmer’s market and its something I never ever imagined she would.  Mention the word “market” and she’s all set to go with her little hand bag and her little tote that she loves to carry the produce (berries) she ‘bought’.

Blackberry compote with gluten free vegan crepes

What amuses me each time we visit the farmers market, is that she always heads straight to the spot where all the berries are lined up.  She is busy identifying them and enjoying the samples she gets from the vendors, who probably know her way to well by now.

We believe it’s important for kids to know and recognize the food they eat to help make better and healthier eating choices.  We’ve involved Ina in our attempts to grow herbs the organic way, to start with.  And, taking her to the farmers market is a part of our effort to introduce her to a natural way of eating than out of boxes.

Vegan crepes with black berry compote (2)

On our recent trip to the local farmer’s market, we bought a couple crates of black berries.  Juicy, sweet, bright, tart and aromatic –is exactly how these berries have been.  We enjoyed a crate as soon as we got home and saved the other for later.

The husband, I presumed, had completely forgotten about these berries, till he asked a few days later if we still had any left.  I had tucked it away, on a purpose, behind the numerous other things in the refrigerator and responded “I guess we finished them all!”  The reason – with father’s day around the corner, I wanted to surprise the daddy–daughter pair with something simple but berry-licious.

Gluten free vegan crepes with black berry compote

We are having extended family coming over for the weekend and the husband’s going to be away, taking them around, on Father’s day.  I decided to plan a Father’s day special a few days in advance.  So, the whole of this week we’ve been grilling seasonal fruits and vegetables and enjoying dinners in the backyard by ourselves while making beautiful memories.

For a special treat, I wanted to make the husband’s favorite – French Crepes. With our new lifestyle and being strictly vegan (for all except one day of the week), I had to choose a recipe for crepes that is  egg-free and dairy-free; in the process, I ended up with something that’s also gluten-free.  A Mangalorean version of the French favorite, truly went a long way.

And for those black berries, I had carefully hidden; those went right into a compote, with a dash of fresh thyme and mint, and without any processed sugar.

Egg Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Crepes

Celebrations in our household have always come with cakes.  It was truly odd to celebrate something without one (I am still working on recipes for egg free, dairy free cakes), this time.  That said, we enjoyed it in a way we never expected or would have never thought of before.  Living without a lot of ingredients can still be fun provided they are paired or combined in a fun way.

Blackberry Compote with mint and thyme

This photograph goes out to Aparna’s  - Excercise in Food Photography # 2.

The challenge was to keep the props, to a minimum and the photograph, simple.

 ISO 100,  1/125,  f/1.8

Recipe : Blackberry Compote and Gluten-free Vegan Crepes

 The verdict – the pairing worked beautiful and both  of them enjoyed it so much, that the compote was gone  much faster than I had expected. As for the crepes –we plan to have it again next week.

blackberry compote for bww37

This photograph goes out to Black & White Wednesday # 37, started by Susan and to be hosted on June 20, 2012 by Aparna.


  1. by Aparna on June 20, 2012  11:03 am

    Thanks for joining us at this week's BWW. A good way to use up those berries and they must be good with the crepes.

  2. by Rosa on June 20, 2012  1:12 pm

    Mmmhhh, delicious! I love blackberries and this is a great idea.

    Gorgeous black and white shot!



  3. by wanderingladle on June 23, 2012  3:05 am

    Thank you, Aparna. Appreciate it.


  4. by wanderingladle on June 23, 2012  3:06 am

    Thank you so much dear Rosa.


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  7. by Aparna on June 26, 2012  4:05 am

    Thanks also for joining us for the photography exercises. The touch of green from the herbs is a nice contrast though I would have used only one of them. :)

  8. by wanderingladle on June 26, 2012  9:06 pm

    Aparna - Thank you for stopping by and the feedback. Truly appreciate it!


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