All Things Sweet | Vegan Gluten-Free Nectarine Popsicle with Mint & Pistachios

Are you guilty of overshopping at the Farmers Market?

Well, I have been, more times than I can count!

Each time I go out to buy produce, especially local, I find myself mumbling to none but I – “Don’t over shop”, “Don’t buy for next week”, “Learn to stay within the week’s budget”.  Yet, I end up buying something more (really a lot more) than we would actually need for the week.

This past week has been no different – blame it all on the nectarines.  Juicy, ripe, sweet and tender…how much better could these fruits get!  Exactly, my point when I bought them without a blink.  The vendor was kind enough (or should I say smart enough) to provide me a ‘sample’ nectarine to taste and his strategy to get me to buy these stone fruits, worked!

So, there I was with almost two dozen nectarines, guilty of overshopping and trying to figure out, in my little brain, on my drive back home the myriad ways we could consume them.  You can eat a few, what do you do with a truck load – Uh, quite an afterthought!

Just like I expected, the husband greeted me with a “Are you crazy?” look , when he saw the totes, in both my hands, overflowing with nectarines.  He’s probably given up asking me to stick to my produce shopping list. I bet.

Nectarines and

I for one uttered nothing, but quietly washed a few nectarines and placed them in latte bowls on the kitchen counter.  Before I could get done clearing up space in the refrigerator for these beautiful fruits, the ones in the bowls were gone.  I smiled to myself and overheard the husband remark “These are way too good!”

Yes, and for the lack of a better word, they were, incredibly delicious!

I refrigerated a batch of them, pureed some to freeze in ice trays for later. (This is a fun way of to have pureed fruit.) And, diced the rest for an easy salad for dinner.


It’s no surprise that we have been having nectarines most part of last week and this week too.  We’ve had them cut, pureed, in a smoothie (dairy free) and grilled, to list a few. When you have exceptionally good Summer fruit, the one way you don’t want to miss having them is in/as Popsicles!!!


Summer has always meant vacations, seasonal fruit goodies and endless ice-creams.  My allergies from the not so distant past, have kept me away from these heavenly foods ( ice creams) for good.  Now, fresh fruit pops and sorbet are what I resort to enjoy the seasonal flavors.  It didn’t require much thought to blend these delightful nectarines into simple and enjoyable popsicles.

With mint and pistachios as flavor enhancers, these nectarine pops are free from added artificial sugars and are naturally gluten and dairy free (vegan too).  The sweetness from the nectarines, the aroma from the mint and coarse nutty flavor of the pistachios all together  as a popsicle is for sure a wonderful way to relish the flavors of the season.


Tips from the vendors , I found useful, on buying nectarines –

  • Smell the fruit, pick the ones that are fragrant.
  • Select the ones that gently give when you lightly press.
  • If they have wrinkles all over, avoid them.
  • Don’t  keep them refrigerated beyond 2-3 days if ripe.
  • Store the unripe ones at room temperature, but not in plastic bags.



  1. by Vishakha on July 12, 2012  8:42 am

    Lovely post! The pictures are so beautiful. I can keep looking at them! Totally love that white bowl in the 2nd pic:)

  2. by wanderingladle on July 12, 2012  12:31 pm

    Thank you dear Vishaka. Glad you like the pictures and the bowl.

  3. by Lucy Hill on July 13, 2012  2:52 am

    Wow! So appealing. :) I really give this a try.

  4. by Simone on July 13, 2012  6:35 am

    That looks so good Sihi! I have the same problem when seeing beautiful produce. Just yesterday I bought truckloads of strawberries, apricots and cherries! So I have been making lots of fun stuff with them too. Love your Popsicles and great photos!!

  5. by Rosa on July 13, 2012  7:01 am

    Divine popsicles! So summery and delicious looking!



  6. by wanderingladle on July 13, 2012  6:31 pm

    Thank you dear Rosa.


  7. by wanderingladle on July 13, 2012  6:33 pm

    Thank you, dear Simone. I am so glad to know I am not the only one that goes over board shopping produce:-) Would love to see all the fun stuff you've been creating with those yummy fruits. Can't wait to read the posts on them over at your blog; not to miss the beautiful pictures. Thanks again for the kind words.


  8. by Nami | Just One Cookbook on July 15, 2012  9:38 am

    I love nectarines and these Popsicles sound & look really delicious! I love how you take pictures and they are really gorgeous!

  9. by wanderingladle on July 16, 2012  8:52 pm

    Dear Nami - Thank you for visiting my tiny blog and for your kind words. Appreciate it. I am so glad you like these nectarine pops. Happy Summer!


  10. by Kankana on July 17, 2012  9:19 pm

    I am easting stone fruits like crazy these days :D I love the addition of mint in the popsicles.

  11. by wanderingladle on July 18, 2012  12:31 am

    How awesome, dear Kankana! Glad you like the inclusion of fresh mint. I was never crazy about it growing up, but now, I find myself using it more often than I ever imagined. Also, thank you for the email:-),appreciate it!


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