Events | DMBLGiT – August 2012 – The Winners

It’s  a  pleasure to have been a part of the DMBLGiT event and to have hosted  it for the month of August 2012.

I want to thank each and every one who sent in their amazing entry and participated in the event.  Each of the images were so wonderful and inspiring.

Thanks to all the super talented and wonderful judges – Meeta, Jenn, Rosa, Sukaina and Kankana – who helped review and grade the entries, amidst their busy schedules.  Judges, your time, effort, feedback and cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much, again! You are each truly awesome.

Photography is a constant learning process and this event has helped me learn quite a bit through observation from each of the entries and the feedback the judges have provided.  Here are some of the tips they have provided, and I am sure this will be  helpful and informative as much as it has been to me.

Jenn says…

Be aware of all the elements in a photo, including those in the background – some things may help to set the scene and highlight the food, whereas others will serve to distract from the main subject. Consider the colors and shapes of the other elements present, and make sure each of them serves a point to help bring across your message in your photo.

Sukaina’s tip …

My tip for food photography would be to photograph one scene with varying F stops to see how that affect your photos. Photograph from different angles and keep taking a bite out of the food as you go along to create a casual natural scene. This will also allow the viewer to see the inside of the food.

Kankana says…

Photography is all about lighting. It’s important that there is right about of light falling on your subject so that you have the correct exposure. Use a reflector, a diffuser and move away from auto mode. Follow you favorite photographer’s blog and website, study their photographs to get inspiration. Understand how they play with light and how they tell story with the set up! Above all practice a lot…a lot. Click one photo everyday!  I started sharing some tips in my blog and you can read all about it n the links mentioned below: Understanding and Playing with Light and Understanding ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture 


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 Now, for the winners 

Part 1 – Overall Winners: The overall winners have the highest scores in all three categories combined.

 Overall First Place

Blackberry Ice Cream with Amaretto
Soma Rathore
e-curry | Sony SLT A55V (50mm)

Sukaina says “  I love the composition, the beautiful purple really pops against the white background and I love the depth of focus. “


Overall Second Place 


Basil Chicken Salad with Mushrooms, Walnuts and Avocado on a Whole Grain Bread
Yelena Strokin
Beautiful Food: Cooking Melangery |  CANON Mark 2, 50 mm

 Jenn says “ The styling on this sandwich really makes you want to pick it up with your hands and eat it.  And the dark color scheme shows off the richness of that bread and lets the contents of the sandwich shine.”


Overall Third Place

Crackers & Cheese
My Diverse Kitchen  |  Canon EOS 60D with 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens


Part 2 – Edibility, Originality, and Aesthetics Category: Each picture was scored in three categories: edibility, originality, and aesthetics. The photo receiving the highest total score in each of those categories, excluding the three overall winners, is the specific category winner.


Winner Edibility Category:


Roasted strawberry ice cream
Uno de dos | Canon EOS 350d, 50 mm, f/3.0, 1/125, ISO 200


Winner Originality Category:

Strawberry Balsamic Ice-Cream
Berry Lovely |  Nikon D200

Jenn says ” Nicely composed, and good balance of the ice cream with the fresh fruit.”


 Winner Aesthetics Category: 


Strawberry Ice Cream
Raquel Carmona Romero
Los Tragaldabas | Canon 1100D  50L f 1,2

Jenn says ” The DOF helps bring out the ice cream and the blue and white dishes provide a nice color contrast in order to highlight the ice cream.”


Host’s  Award :  Goes out to a photograph of the host’s choice  that stood out but was not a winner in any of the categories.

Pane, burro e marmellata | Nikon D3000 – 50 mm

Congratulations  to all the winners!

Thank you Andrew of Spittoon Extra for the opportunity to be a part of this event and to host it.

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